We separate ourselves from the rest of the competition by;

1. Having a $0 down, 50% after the work is completed, and 50% after the Google first page rankings have been achieved payment structure.
2. Not wasting your time by providing 1st page results for highly competitive keyword phrases that will improve the exposure and traffic to your website.

We Use Two Main Strategies To Achieve First Page Rankings For Your Business.

The first approach is to build multiple landing pages each with their own separate Keyword Rich URL Domain Names.

The second and most cost effective approach is to use the Google Local Maps. The Google local listings are the businesses listed at the top of any local search normally lettered A – G. 

You will see an example of a Google Map Result Where Our Client Got a Top Ranking for one of the most competitive terms online. The phrase is "air conditioning" for the Queen Creek Arizona Area, our client is the B listing located at the top. If we can do it for a phrase like that then you should have full confidence we will be able to get your website comparative results.

Reasons Why DNA Webmarketing Can Achieve For You What Others Can't

Nothing but a first page ranking is worth your time or money, all of these SEO companies that promise pages 1 through 10 and getting your website around page 6 or 7 are wasting your time. Our methods are outside of the common seo practices but are all 100% white hat Google legal. The difference is that we can spend the time necessary on your online advertising campaign that the other bigger SEO companies can't.

We are very good at what we do and most importantly you will be at ease because we have many legitimate professional references that will back up the fact that not only is your advertising budget well spent here but more importantly you won't have to waste time messing with different knock off fraudulent seo companies.

Let us be your complete Search Engine Advertising Provider. Let us handle All Things Google

* What We Can Do For You: Increase Your Exposure On the Web With 1st Page Google Rankings.
* To Ensure Trust We Take Half Down and Half After We Show You First Page Rankings.
* Position your company or organization in the online world
* Our Most Recommended Packages Are The Landing With Google Map Listing. The Landing Pages Are A One Page Website With A Keyword Rich Domain URL

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